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Advancement of Technology and Unemployment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Greg Allen   
Sunday, 04 May 2008
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Advancement of Technology and Unemployment
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 No.10  Engineer
Yes Capitalisam will not work once a model hits a saturation level. Growing is how it stays alive, and it will be it's demise. In part, because it has always had the view to every downturn that the answer is to 'grow more'. Gene envisioned a world that had, in some manner, moved past greed. Till said time BP, shell, mobil, chevron have no intent on ever letting that happen.
Paul Inman (Unregistered) • 2008-06-06 13:24:12
 No.11  Engineer
Sadly, these arguments are very silly... "what if we had an infinite energy source and could fly our homes around?" Do you know how stupid you sound? Well, what if we all discovered we were God or were all strong like Superman? That's assinine. What if we had an infinite energy source AND were strong as Superman AND as God, decided to move the planet to a better neighborhood?

So what IF a faster-than-light space craft were available? Do you think you'd have one just because it was available? Where is your Maserati? Where is your super-model girlfriend who is actually also a secret agent ninja?

Do you think that manufacturers would give away the mavelous machines that you thought up? Would farmers buy them and give the food that they grow -- after all, it's completely computerized and electrically mechignized, right? And people would build a house for you, for free, on the land that someone gave you for free. You're a little child. You think that everything should just be yours, just because you exist.

Capitalism has a few good years left, before the leftists take over and drive us all into the grave or chains. The world that "Gene envisioned" was a science-fiction fantasy. I can envision a world that had flying pink ponies, but that doesn't mean that it will happen, and it doesn't mean that it would be good even if it did. Can you imagine having a flying pink pony crap on your head?

Guys, grow up.

If you think that BP, Shell, Mobil, and Chevron are evil and "keeping you down", then throw off your chains. You aren't slaves except in your minds.

Do you not want to have to work? Go on the dole. I am sure that plenty of people would be willing to support you. Then THEY will get jealous and they will quit also, to let even fewer support you both. Eventually, you can all starve to death -- or you can complain that everybody should be giving away free food grown by ninja aliens using their faster-than-light flying homes. Geeze, you are so stupid that you have ME spinning. I think I'm losing IQ points just corresponding with you.

You must all be idiots, fools, or insane.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-06-09 20:03:20
 No.12  Engineer
Sorry... tan out of room before the best part:

OK, the low down: The missionary was evil. If he hadn't brought the net, the islanders would have had fulfilling lives and lived happily every after just working the way they did. Instead, an external force (alien?) brought new technology and put 80% out of work... what's there to do? "Well, if you put a new roof on my hut, I'll share fish with you." "Why the hell should YOU have the net, ya cheeky bastard! Help, help! I'm being repressed! This bugger is a capitalist! He wants to enslave me! HE wants me to WORK for him! He should just GIVE me the fish. Death to the tyrants!" "Henry, sit down."

OK, now, 80% are dependent upon the 20%. The 20% can force them to live any way they want. "Give me your wife!" "Give me your daughter!" "Oooo... what a cute boy!" (ugh).

"That's it, I'm taking my non-existant flying home and I'm going to the mainland, where I will be a penniless entrepreneur!" "What will you do there?" "Starve... nobody needs me there, either."

"Yo! If you blighters want anything to eat, you had better me with useful services! After all, *I* control the nets... well, w/ George there. Listen. We're all in this together... tell ya wot we'll do. YOU do all the work, and we'll take 80% of the harvest. There, now we're property owners and control the means to production. Hey! Those are OUR equipment ya bastards! WE own 'em! No, you can't unionize! We'll cut your food off!"

Mean while, in a complete different universe, "Captain, there seems to be some activity on that island." "Ah, Spock, let's beam down. Maybe the islanders have beautiful daughters that we can romance while telling them of the fictional Utopia from whence we hie." "Scotty, beam us down... " [Bzerblblble.]

"Spock, these islanders are fighting amongst themselves! Those two control all of the fish, and the others want to be fed. Set phasors on stun. No, on second thought, Kill them all."

"But Captain, we are forbidden from affecting alien society."
"Ah, I see your point, Spock. We should kill the missionary, and burn down the huts of the two that own the nets, thus, returning the villagers to their pastoral squalor."
"That's perfectly logical, Captain."
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-06-09 20:06:04
 No.13  Untitled
There is a problem with your assertion "OK, now, 80% are dependent upon the 20%. The 20% can force them to live any way they want."

80% ARE NOT dependent on the 20% who fish with the net since they can always go fishing themselves. Because 80% can sustain themselves, albeit not as effective and productive as the other 20%, they cannot be enslaved.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-06-26 17:46:31
 No.14  What unemployment problem?
What unemployment problem?

According to the "story" a missionary brings new tech. to the islanders. The islanders are not unemployed but figure that they can do other things (besides fish). The big guy wants to be security (for the women and children). The dumb lazy guy will become a politician. The others just want to help with the bigger catch (processing & distribution) that comes in. One guy though wants to learn the technology (making & fixing nets) so he will be needed (payed) more. One person wants to work with the missionary and will build statue's for him of him. Life will be good for a while, the women will be able to have more children (food surplus) and the island will prosper.

The island now has entered the age of specialization...

In 400 hundred years the trees will all be gone (boat building, fires, houses) and all the 10,000 people will die - from the breakdown of society. The fact that they cannot fish without boats will cost them dearly.

This story is true - go to Discover (magazine) and search for Easter Island.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-07-08 10:29:45
 No.15  Re: Engineer
well the real story is that 7 people start manufacturing items to sell to each other the last employs slave labor from a distant island at 5% the cost an sells to the others, at 90% of what the locals charge who consumes them selves out of a job.but its k since they cant afford to buy American t keep the islanders (them selves) empolyed
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-10-10 22:40:08
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