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Written by Greg Allen   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Will this really be the end of the battery? Remember EEStor's patent had written: "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries". Yesterday an independent analysis was completed and we received the news:Energy Storage

"Edward D. Golla, PhD and Laboratory Director for Texas Research International  has officially certified that EEStor, Inc. test equipment, procedures, and techniques are capable of providing the EEStor, Inc. required testing accuracy for EEStor's chemicals and powder production processing analyses."

It appears that EEStor has achieved success on one of its most critical milestones - the certification of the completeness of the powder crystallization of the constituents utilized in producing its CMBT powders.  The specifics : The percent of the constituents crystallized in the CMBT powders ranged from 99.57% to 100.00% with the average being 99.92%. The report stated that:  "this level of crystallization provides the path for the possibility that EEStor can provide the published energy storage for present products and major advancements in energy storage for future products."


"These key certifided production milestones of particle crystallization, size, purity, and polarization are expepcted to assist EEStor in providing not only present and future energy store requirements, but also production consistency."


I guess the question remains... what exaclty does this mean?  While I was pondering that today, ZENN sent me this news release: 




ZENN Motor Company Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  -(TSXV: ZNN)


Toronto, Ontario – July 30, 2008 – ZENN Motor Company Inc.’s (TSXV: ZNN; the "Company") goal to become the global leader in the development of zero emission vehicles including highway capable electric vehicles has moved a step closer as its strategic partner, EEStor Inc., announced Certification of Additional Key Production Milestones and Enhancement of Chemical Purity in a press release issued on July 29, 2008.

"Yesterday’s announcement bodes well for EEStor’s completion of its third party verified permittivity milestone and is a very strong affirmation of our investment in and the rapid progress of our business plan," stated Ian Clifford, Chief Executive Officer. "Energy Storage has always been the Achilles heel to the mass adoption of electric vehicles and EEStor technology is the "better battery" that the world has been waiting for. Every technology and industry reliant on electrical energy storage will potentially benefit from this."

The Company has exclusive rights to EEStor’s technology in the following markets:

ALL new vehicles up to 1400 kg (curb weight), net of battery weight;

ALL retrofit conversions of existing internal combustion vehicles to electric;

ALL golf carts and small to mid-sized utility vehicles

In March of 2008, ZENN Motor Company detailed its plans to fully prepare for the commercialization of EEStor’s technology.

The cityZENN is planned to be a fully certified, highway capable vehicle with a top speed of 125 km/h/ 80 mph and a range of 400 kilometres/250 miles. An EEStor powered cityZENN would be rechargeable in less than 5 minutes, feature operating costs 1/10th of a typical internal combustion engine vehicle and be 100% emission-free!

The Company is working with strategic OEMs to offer a ZENNergy™ drivetrain, powered by EEStor, in various vehicle platforms as "Powered by ZENNergy" branded vehicles. ZENNergy drive systems will also be developed for the conversion of existing internal combustion vehicles to electric drive. The Company’s initial target for these retrofit kits will be large, high-profile fleet opportunities.

The Company is also an equity investor in EEStor (3.8%) with the option of increasing its position upon EEStor’s announcing third-party permittivity test results. If the Company elects to maximize its additional investment and subject to the investment decisions of the other EEStor investors, the Company’s total minimum and maximum equity interest in EEStor would be in the range of approximately 6.2% to 10.5%.

While the Company has specific rights under the Technology Agreement noted above, the equity investment was made to provide ZENN shareholders with participation in the potential upside of other applications of EEStor’s technology and is unrelated to the terms of the Technology Agreement.


ZENN Motor Company, Toronto, Canada, is dedicated to being the global leader in zero emission vehicles.  Driven by quality, ingenuity, and a philosophy of social responsibility, the ZMC team is dedicated to redefining what is possible in both urban and business fleet transportation.

The ZENN™ (Zero Emission No Noise) provides a complete, no-compromise transportation solution for those who want to dramatically reduce their operating costs, eliminate harmful emissions and free themselves from dependence on foreign oil. The current ZENN vehicle is perfect for urban commuters and commercial fleets such as resorts, gated communities, airports, college and business campuses, municipalities, parks and more!

The planned commercialization of the ultra capacitor being developed by ZENN Motor Company’s strategic partner, EEStor Inc. for future ZENN vehicles will enable ZMC vehicles to travel at greater speeds and distances, just like a traditional car but at a fraction of the cost and with zero emissions!

Readers have left 7 comments.
 No.1  Untitled
wow... it looks like there are going to be a lot of wrong people out there. those naysayers who hammered eestor are going to eat their words.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-07-30 15:20:31
 No.2  battery sale rights
i am curious if eestor will be allowed to sell their car sized batteries to the general public under the agreement that they have with zenn? does anyone know if that would violate any part of the agreement?
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-07-30 17:07:39
 No.3  Orion explained it best at CleanBreak:
"What it means is that one of their key pre-production benchmarks has been met. The 3rd-party company examined the material and processes for making that material they need for building EESUs and agreed it looks OK.

To make a cake you have to have flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, etc. EEStor is a bakery that can't go out and buy these ingredients at a store, they have to make their own because no one sells them. The 3rd party has said, "Yes, this is cake flour, milled to the specified conistancy and made of the type of wheat specified for this job: These eggs are of a size and quality specified for making the cake according to the recipe, This milk is of the required purity, fat content, and lipid density, etc. They have all the ingredients and equipment for baking the cake according to the recipe. What the 3rd party review can't tell us is if the cake recipe is any good or not. For that we'll have to wait until they actually start making cakes - EESUs."

Great explanation in normal terms.
Jackson (Unregistered) • 2008-07-30 20:39:05
 No.4  Why use third party for certification
"EEstor Announces Certification" . I'm only guessing- that this is a big deal because it allows EEstor to pursue a patent as to the type and purity of "powder" used. Why the third party- because the Patent office and investors can't accept EEstors own measurements. It's no tech. breakthrough (I agree with Jackson). In my opinion it's just a step towards protecting their technology, if they even have anything on the near horizon. Comments? Am I all wet?
Paul J. (Unregistered) • 2008-07-31 02:40:22
 No.5  Take another step up the ladder
I think this is great news. The fact that EEStor is going about this by the book and not the "double" accounting method some companies use (Enron).

Go little EEStor - getting ready to strike.
Go little EEStor - with all of your might!
Michael C (Unregistered) • 2008-07-31 08:31:33
 No.6  Others
Is really only EEStor that is looking to make these high energy storing Ultracaps? How come we haven't heard of any other companies or Universities around the world that are also working on this?
Interested (Registered) • 2008-08-06 23:31:01
 No.7  oh, but they are
Some are looking at using graphene for instance.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-09-19 03:31:21
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