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EEStor Issued New Patent on the EESU PDF Print E-mail
Written by Greg Allen   
Monday, 22 December 2008

Well.. Well. Well...  It looks like our EEStor friends have a new patent.  EEStor Inc.  (the secretive little company in Cedar Park Texas)  was issued a new patent. for their lightweight highly energy dense electric storage unit (EESU).  Currenlty, no protoype is known to exist. 

The core ingredient is an aluminum coated barium titanate powder immersed in a polyethylene terephthalate plastic matrix. The EESU is composed of 31,353 of these components arranged in parallel. It is said to have a total capacitance of 30.693 F and can hold 52.220 kWh of energy. The device is said to have a weight of 281.56 pound including the box and all hardware.  Unlike normal lithium-ion cells, the technology is said not to degrade with cycling and thus has a functionally unlimited lifetime.

 Here is a PDF of the new EEStor Patent



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 No.1  very interesting
This is very interesting. If one assumes the mechanical equivalence for a gallon of gasoline at 11kwhr/gallon and the vehicle getting 20mpg. Then the EESTOR 281 lb battery has a roughly effective range of 52.22/11*20=94.9 miles. That works for me. :)
nickgogerty (Unregistered) • 2008-12-22 10:29:55
 No.2  Good Job & Merry Christmas
Good job EEStor and Merry Christmas!

Michael C (Author) • 2008-12-22 15:53:04
 No.3  Re very interesting
Experience with existing electric cars (eg the Tesla Roadster) indicates that this capacitor - if it will work - will give an approx. 250 mile range.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-12-23 15:27:53
 No.4  Untitled
Yeah, you forget IC engines are about 40% efficient as compared to something like 95% efficiency for an electric process. So the range would be roughly 200 miles given that amount of energy.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2009-01-02 11:29:02
Wake up people. This eestor scam has been going on since 2001 as per trademark patent filed by EESTOR. As of today no one has seen a working protoype that meets their patent specs.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2009-01-20 09:10:25
 No.6  Untitled
If EEStor is a scam, then they are doing it all wrong. Scams, to make money, need to go public and not stay private and secretive to boot.

Since there is nothing to be gained by them running a scam, I find nothing to tell me it is a scam
Guest (Unregistered) • 2009-02-12 10:07:06
 No.7  Untitled
EESTOR is backed by Kleiner Perkins and Lockheed Martin. Maybe EESTOR will succeed, maybe it won't...but a scam backed by those folks...don't think so
Guest (Unregistered) • 2009-02-16 16:51:42
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