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Written by Greg Allen   
Saturday, 03 January 2009

Wow.   It is already 2009!  Is it my imagination or are these years just rolling by very quickly?  So… 2008 was a great year to notice the ultracapacitor.  There were many news articles and stories about green/clean energy advancement and ultracapacitors.  Green Energy: A Fresh Look...I think finally many are turning their head and recognizing the power of the ultracapacitor. (pun intended).  Companies are now taking a fresh look at ultracapacitors in their design and production.

Right now.. I can feel so much good and positive energy that it amazes me.  We have some great dialog going with some amazing people in this industry.  I truly appreciate all the support that our organization is getting from companies and manufactures alike. (I have to give some respect to our forum moderator Michael C – he is tireless).

In 2009, we have some incredible plans.  We will continue our trend of having guest writers on the website.  These guest writers are going to be picked monthly and we expect that they will help challenge our thinking. Right now,  several guest and interviews are lined up.  If you want to write something for us, please drop us an email.

I wanted to mention that is excited about is the 2009 Advanced Capacitors World Summit.  We love what they are doing and decided to fully get behind this event and sponsor it.  We believe this is the event to attend if you want to understand this market and hear from the industry leaders.  Here is their website:  and PDF of the event .

Keep it green and make it great!


P.S.  Below is a list of speakers for the Advanced Capacitors World Summit:

Richard Smith, ANA Strategic Systems Group (Chair)

Andrew Burke, University of California Davis (Chair)

Robert Tressler, Nesscap (Advisory Committee)

Yuri Maletin, APowerCap (Advisory Committee

John Miller, Maxwell Technologies (Advisory Committee)

Bobby Maher, M Cubed Consulting (Advisory Committee)

Jens Groot, Volvo Technology Corporation

Gary Williams, ISE Corporation

John R., Skibinski, Eaton Corporation

Dr Jin Song, Nesscap

David Alexander, IVUS Energy

Joseph Farahmandi, Ionix Power Systems, LLC

Angelo Yializis, Sigma Technologies International

Olgierd A. Palusinski, University of Arizona

M. Abe Yokell, Rockport Capital

Jason Matlof, Battery Ventures

Grant Norton, GoNano Technologies

Ahmad Pesaran, NREL

Anthony Matasso, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Jason Wells, PC Krause and Associates

Dominic Francis Gervasio, Arizona State University



Readers have left 3 comments.
 No.1  A success replacement...

I would like to know if today, using the available technollogy, is possible to replace a NiMh battery (it is a package of 8x2.7V=9.6V) by a set of ultracapacitors (to be fixed in the same place where today fix the batteries).


Guest (Unregistered) • 2009-01-10 13:04:27
 No.2  Ask about this in the forum
Not with the same mAhrs or sustained voltage. Check out the Forum.
Antonm (Registered) • 2009-01-10 19:13:04
 No.3  about charging laptops
If we replace laptop battery by a ultracapacitor how long will it give us back up as battery gives us 2 to 2.30 hrs pls reply
kritarth (Registered) • 2009-06-25 02:44:45
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