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Written by Greg Allen   
Saturday, 15 September 2007

The United States Patent #7,033,406 had six words that shook the energy industry: "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries".  EEStor is an Austin, Texas company who filed the patent and has developed a car ultracapacitor that can charge for 5 minutes and go 500 miles (with no gasoline).  Unlike batteries which rely on chemical reactions and takes hours to get a full charge, ultracapacitor batteries stores and releases energy very quickly.ZENN Motor Company

Ian Clifford with ZENN Motor Company in Toronto, Canada, bought the rights to EEStor's technology. They expect to start shipping the new ultracapacitor battery replacement for use in their ZENN cars later this year.  ZENN = Zero Emissions No Noise.  Ian said: "The Achilles' heel to the electric car industry has been energy storage. By all rights, this would make the internal combustion engines unnecessary."

It's expected that as this technology developes more and more that it will help give the renewable energy markets the push they need. Soon we will be seeing ultra capacitors in everything from your cell phones and laptops to store energy from your solar panels at home. 

The eGreenAge is coming.

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 No.1  Untitled
wow. I have heard about these companies, but didn't know this woild be a battery killer.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2007-09-15 12:48:41
 No.2  Untitled
No matter what, some source of energy is needed to move a car for 500miles. Where would that comes from? All from the only initial charge of the supercapacitors? Curious..
Guest (Unregistered) • 2007-10-01 03:41:40
 No.3  Untitled
Yes, that's the idea -- that the car would be powered completely by that single charge to the supercapacitors. That's what makes it such an extreme claim, and since EESTOR is such a secretive company, it's understandable that their claims have generated a lot of controversy. I certainly hope they can achieve their goals; but only time will tell, I suppose.
Donald Griggs (Unregistered) • 2007-10-07 20:47:43
 No.4  Untitled
its a hoax, they were claiming it for years and nothing comes out till
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-01-04 13:13:46
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