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Written by Greg Allen   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Today I spoke to Martin P. Lepselter.  I must admit that I was intimidated to call him and speak to someone of his stature.  I told him that when I first called.. and he said he was just a normal person.  I knew that I was way out of my league to even have him on the phone.  I asked myself how much I could  bring to the conversation.  I wanted to listen to this leader in the  industry talk and try to learn anything that I could.

Martin Lepselter at NJITMartin P. Lepselter (Retired from Bell Labs) holds 56 United States Patents  and is a 2006 New Jersey Hall of Fame winner. His inventions have been described as a fundamental piece of today’s modern electronics technology and include plasma displays, uncooled IR detectors, and  e-beam lithography. 


Some of his other works include:  beam lead integrated circuits (MEMS), silicides for microcircuits, plasma and reactive ion etching, platinum silicide Schottky diodes (as well as all transition metal silicides), solar cells for space use and latch-up-free CMOS structures, among many others.


He was recognized by N. M. Ravindra, co-founder of the Microelectronics Research Center at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) with:  “We salute Martin Lepselter for the breadth of his pioneering achievements.”


And.. there I am.. on the phone with this amazing man.  We did agree to have lunch sometime at his favorite restaurant. I also agreed to bring him some southern American Barbeque. 


It will be a cool moment when we meet.  I will have some great questions for Marty.





His website is here:

The latest Patent issued to Lepselter is U.S. Patent Number 6,635,888 High Resolution Electron Beam Exposure Machines. This patent describes a method for neutralizing the space charge in an electron beam which leads to a significant increase in current density and a corresponding decrease in feature size of microcircuits. 


5 First-Use High-Impact Patents

(1.)  Selective Removal of Material Using Cathodic Sputtering  (Plasma Etching/RIE)            

(2.)  Semiconductor (PtSi) Contact   (Platinum Silicide Schottky Diodes)  

(3.) Vibratory Reed Device  (MEMS) 

(4.)  Semiconductive Device Including Beam Leads   (Beam Leads, non-hermetic seals) 

(5.)  Method for Making Closely Spaced Conductive Layers   (Air-Insulated Crossovers)


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This man sounds like a great man.
Anil (Unregistered) • 2007-12-13 01:08:44
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