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Written by Greg Allen   
Friday, 28 December 2007

I noticed a comment today that really made me think.. a site member, DLB wrote:

"As of the week before Christmas, Maxell shares have dropped approximately 43 precent since early September and now hover at $8.00  Apparently 50% of Maxwell's revenue relies on the technology of NessCap patent... Unfortunatley, in addition to posting Q3 losses, the court claim against Maxwell for patent infringements held by NessCap appears to have contributed to depressing Maxwell shares."

So.. to recap: A year ago, NessCap filed a lawsuit against Maxwell for infringement on their ultracapacitor patent (U.S. Patent Number 6,743,544).   Dr. Sunwook Kim, NessCap's founder and Chairman said: “NessCap has invested significant capital, resource and effort in developing our own proprietary and patented technology and we will not allow Maxwell to infringe”. Then Dr. Kim further said: “for whatever reason, after our merger discussions ended abruptly, Maxwell started the legal battle by filing a lawsuit against us for infringement in San Diego, which we will demonstrate has absolutely no merit. We and our legal team have conducted an extensive review of our patent estate and we have determined that NessCap ultracapacitors, which Maxwell accuses of infringement, are protected by NessCap patents that predate the Maxwell patents at issue in the San Diego lawsuit. We are convinced that we have a very strong position.”   NessCap is a privately held company.

 A few weeks ago, a United States district court denied Maxwell's motion for summary judgment . Maxwell wanted the judge to say that they did not infringe on NessCap's patent for energy storage and delivery systems. The judge denied that motion saying that Maxwell had not established a likelihood of success in the seperate patent infringement action it filed agaisnt NessCap in October 2006.   This case is expect to be heard in early 2008.

I am very interested to see outcome of this lawsuit. I think this may be one reason for the stock drop... what do you think?

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 No.1  WOW
WOW.. they are sliding down. Maybe Nesscap is having an effect on them.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-01-04 21:11:49
 No.2  Pres.
There is some new technology that will be oceans more effective than the NessCap IP. It is Reticle Carbon. There are a number of US and International patents for the production of amourphous carbon electrodes which have at least 4-5 times the surface area as Aerogel at a fraction of the cost and a much larger mass. They have produced in the lab an 11 electrode capacitor which is 400,000 Farads. Patent Numbers: 6787235,6544648, 6511645 and 6350520. They are presently seeking qualified investors who do not want complete control of the company.
Mastbrook (Registered) • 2008-01-14 18:20:32
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