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Friday, 01 June 2007

ZENN by Feel Good Cars

ZENN - Feel Good Cars  using the EEStor UltracapacitorZENN - Feel Good Cars an Ultracapacitor batteryZENN - Zero Emissions No Noise - using the EEStor Ultracapacitor


UltraCaps are currently used for solar and wind energy storage.

Feel Good Cars - ZENN -- Zero Emission No Noise

ZENN stands for Zero Emissions No Noise - it's manufactured by Feel Good Cars in Canada.  Soon they will use the ultracapacitor battery by EEStor.

What sets ZENN apart from the other electric cars? Unlike other neighborhood electric vehicles, it has the form and features of a real car: it’s a fully-enclosed, three-door hatchback with a performance-proven, steel-reinforced body. That translates into a tremendous safety advantage.

The ZENN is equipped with front-wheel drive, brisk acceleration and capable of achieving a regulated maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), it keeps pace with traffic on local streets to get you where you’re going safely and in good time. And ZENN’s battery efficiency gives you the freedom to cover a lot of ground: approximately 35 miles per charge (56 kilometres).

At the same time, ZENN delivers the environmental advantages of an electric vehicle, generating zero greenhouse-gas emissions. Compare that to the 657 pounds of regulated tailpipe emissions produced by the typical gas-powered car every year.

And ZENN is protected by a comprehensive one-year warranty, the best on the market for its class. That warranty is backed by our commitment to fully support ZENN owners, day in and day out.

ZENN™ Specifications :

Maximum speed :

25 mph (40 km/h), limited according to
FMVSS 500/CMVSS 500 (United States/Canada).

Range :

Approximately 35 miles (approximately 56 km)

Gradability :

30% GVWR

Charging :

8-9 hours (120 VAC), 80% rechargeable in 4 hours

Dimensions :

2-Seater - L - 120.8 in. (306.8 cm) W - 58.8 in. (149.4 cm) H - 55. in. 142 cm)



Propulsion :

Front wheel drive, 100% electrically driven, 72 VDC

Body type :

3-door hatchback, fully enclosed, automotive aluminum alloy Space Frame, ABS body panels, aluminum alloy front-end frame

Curb weight :

Approximately 1,200 lb (544 kg) depending on model


1,705 lb (773.4 kg)

Brakes :

Dual hydraulic system, 4 wheel disc , 6.7 in. (172 mm) with electromagnetic regeneration

Wheel base :

2-Seater - 81.8 in. (207.8 mm)

Track :

Front and rear - 49.8 in. (126.5 mm)

Suspension :

Front : independent front wheel suspension with two coil spring/shock units

Rear : trailing arm with two coil spring/shock units

Steering :

Automotive rack and pinion with permanently sealed tie-rod ends

Safety ;

Meets or exceeds FMVSS500/CMVSS 500 (United States/Canada)

Price :

MSRP between $12,500 and $14,995

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