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I am often asked "How do I buy an Ultracapacitor?" - This can be a confusing and daunting task even for the experienced. There are many companies making the micro sized ultracapacitors to the larger units for electric vehicles and industrial energy storage. Ultracapacitors - New Engineering

Depending on your specific requirements, just finding the right company can be a huge challenge.  That is the easy part for us.. we are already in contact with most ultracapacitor manufacturers. We have developed great relationships while working on stories and helping with news releases. Connecting you to the correct manufacture is a natural fit for us to help advance a cleaner energy to the market

  • We will take the hassle out of sourcing an ultracapacitor solution

  • We will work with you to define your project and develop a perfect solution

  • We only work with the companies that have industry's highest standards

  • You will get the most competitive price on the market directly from the vendor

  • Custom manufacturing available for high volume applications - perfect for original equipment manufactures (OEM) and contract manufactures.

 As we better understand your specific application needs, we will then give you the best fit company to help you develop a solution.  Drop me a message with your thoughts or questions.



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