November 2006 - Maxwell offers hybrid & electric car solution
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Friday, 07 September 2007

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXWL) has introduced a new compact 125-volt ultracapacitor circuit module for scalable energy storage and power delivery solutions for use by heavy hybrid and electric vehicles and heavy-duty industrial applications requiring up to 1,500 volts.

Maxwell bases the new module on its 2.7-volt BOOSTCAP MC3000 power cells and incorporates proprietary balancing, monitoring and thermal management capabilities to ensure industry-leading charge/discharge performance, high reliability and long operational life, according to the company.

"This high-performance module is designed specifically to satisfy rapidly growing global demand for ultra capacitor-based braking energy recuperation and torque assist systems for hybrid bus and truck drive trains and electric rail vehicles," said Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and CEO. "It meets or exceeds transportation industry requirements for watt-hours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram, and is designed to perform reliably through one million or more deep charge/discharge cycles, which equates to more than 15 years of operational life."

Maxwell Technologies Boostcap Storage Capacitor
Michael Everett, Maxwell's vice president and chief technical officer, said that integrated monitoring capabilities and a highly efficient cooling configuration enable the new module to sustain continuous current of up to 150 amps with minimal temperature increase in high-temperature environments.

"In addition to managing high current, this module is built to withstand the harsh environments and demanding duty cycles typical with heavy transportation applications," Everett said.

The HTM BMOD0063-P125 is encased in a splash-proof, IP 65-compliant aluminum chassis weighs less than 50kg and measures 315x425x744mm.

Up to 12 modules may be linked in series to deliver a total of as much as 1,500 volts. Maxwell also offers a line of standard 15- to 48-volt multi-cell pack and modules.

Ultracapacitors deliver up to 10 times the power and longevity of batteries, require no maintenance and operate reliably in extreme temperatures. In transportation applications, they efficiently recapture energy from braking for reuse in hybrid and all-electric drive trains, reducing energy consumption and emissions. They also provide compact, lightweight, "life-of-the vehicle" solutions to stabilize automotive power networks and power new, all-electric subsystems, such as drive-by-wire steering. In mission critical industrial applications, where backup power is critical for continued operation or a soft shutdown in the event of power interruptions, they provide energy storage. In wind turbine blade pitch and braking systems and other industrial applications, they provide a simple, solid state, reliable solution to buffer short-term mismatches between power available and power required.

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 No.1  Ron Atkinson
there is Trillion dollar market for 36V. or 48 Volt supercaps. with the storage capability for maybe a 1 hour run on a 500Watt motor-propelled bike, there are many times more bikes on the roads thatn cars, especially in the third world countries!!!
Then; of course there are real openings for eloectric motorbikes using the same voltages but larger storage ability. Designers are already rubbing their hands in glee, I salute Maxwell and their forward thinking management. Hurrah!!!
Guest (Unregistered) • 2007-12-15 08:46:00
 No.2  Untitled
Hi Ron. I agree with you that Maxwell is forward thinking. They have a critical flaw though. Have you ever tried to call anyone there? Ever tried to get anyone of the phone at that company. Try it sometime.

I will give you $100 for every person you speak to... and $150 for every call back you get with your messages. It is impossible to get anyone at that company to either answer the phone or call you back. Damn near impossible.
James Johnson (Unregistered) • 2007-12-15 22:00:34
 No.3  Great
This would seem to be a step forward for portable electric storage systems. The ultracap can efficiently absord or put out significant short lived energy spikes, while the battery allows significant long-term storage capacity.
khooper (Unregistered) • 2008-12-10 18:10:40
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