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Electric Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure Needed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Greg Allen   
Monday, 07 April 2008
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Electric Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure Needed
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Here is the basic breakdown of the electric vehicle lingo: Electric vehicles (EV) use electric motors and motor controllers instead of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). Plug In Hybrid VehicleA Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) uses both electric motors and the internal combustion engine together. A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a vehicle with batteries that can be charged externally to displace some if not all of the internal combustion engine power and gasoline.

A major concern that will keep the electric vehicle from being widely adopted is the recharging infrastructure. How will you recharge your vehicle when needed? It takes time to fully recharge batteries... not very long to recharge an ultra-capacitor. we have the issue that ultracapacitors currently has less energy density than a battery. Of course , we have most all heard now EEStor’s claim to "replace the electrochemical battery". I guess the world will wait to see next fall when they launch their technology with the ZENN Car.

I did notice where the company has raised $200 million dollars for building a recharging infrastructure in Denmark and Israel. They plan on installing around 500,000 outlets throughout the countries. These recharging outlets will give electric vehicle drivers a much needed place to charge. They are also working on locations to swap out batteries for a fully charged one so you don't have to wait. It is hard to imagine exactly how they will fully implement this project and which car manufactures will assist. A project like this could lead to the mass adoption of electric vehicles. I look forward to seeing this project roll out. (pun intended)

Side note: I was just in Israel for 2 weeks on vacation. Those are two words that you don’t hear often together: (Israel and Vacation). This was my 2nd trip.. and Israel is one of the greatest countries that I have ever visited. The people are so nice and friendly. I went into Palestine ond day and I must report that there are great people there too. So friendly and nice. Go visit Israel when you get a chance.


Readers have left 11 comments.
 No.1  Untitled
great article.. interesting what is happening in israel and denmark. is the united states too big?
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-04-08 17:13:57
 No.2  Untitled
"$200 million dollars for building a recharging infrastructure in Denmark and Israel. They plan on installing around 500,000 outlets throughout the countries" In Canada we have 120volt outlets in place where ever you go to plug into in the winter months. Does this mean we are all set to go?
Doug Meachem, Canada (Unregistered) • 2008-04-10 17:42:55
 No.3  Duh!
All you have to do is tell McDonalds/Burger King that you have a way for them to get someone to park in their parking lot for 15 min. (And even get paid for it). Within 30 days, every site will have 1 if not more plugs available!!!
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-04-30 13:11:40
 No.4  No doubt
any chance to charge for another perk is exaclty what most companies are looking for. good call

Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-04-30 13:14:00
 No.5  Untitled
The problem is how to recharge in a short time. The EEStor capacitor holds 52 Kilowatt hours and works at 3500 volts. It would take about 200 amps at 3500 volts for 6 minutes to recharge it.

Not my idea of fun on a rainy day. By the way 52 kwh is the same energy as about 1.5 gallons of gasoline.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-05-14 17:26:58
 No.6  Untitled
Where can I find an electric car, powered by 4 synchronous motors (one in each wheel) from a combination of battery power and capacitor assist, the exterior of the car body would be made of PV cells to assist battery cvharging and caps during day?
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-05-19 19:55:21
 No.7  Untitled
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-10-16 17:05:36
 No.8  Untitled
i was the first person to be hit by an electric car. It sucked.
Guest (Unregistered) • 2008-10-16 17:08:04
 No.9  Untitled
Widespead charging infrastructure is a waste of time and money. Assuming EESOR's 52kwh comes on-line within 3 years. Moore's Law says we will inevitably see 100-150kwh. 1000km per charge ? How long, 6 years ? bob
Bob (Unregistered) • 2008-10-20 21:42:06

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